Sunday, August 22, 2010

If Fitzgerald had waited for the complete crime

From the AP's Where does Pat Fitzgereald go Next?
Some jurors and legal analysts said Fitzgerald may have had Blagojevich arrested too soon.

It's "not as easy to see the elements of a crime because it was nipped in the bud too early," said Krent, of the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

But a former prosecutor who worked with Fitzgerald on the CIA leak case defended the decision to arrest Blagojevich before he could take his alleged plans further.

"All things being equal, you want to swoop down, say, after a drug deal goes through," said Peter Zeidenberg, who now works in private practice in Washington. "But you're talking here about a Senate seat. Are you really going to swoop down after someone becomes the senator? What do you do then?"

The prosecution team probably had a lot of discussions about a potential constitutional crisis if the governor's alleged scheme was allowed to go forward, he said.
Arrest both Blagojevich and Jesse Jackson Jr for the crime? Both the buyer and seller, and JJ wouldn't have been able to vote while sitting in the Metro Correctional Center without bond. Or am I too simple here? Seems clear cut to me. Fitz should have waited.

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Anonymous said...

Has everyone forgotten the Burris reaction, he came very close to not being sworn in...If Fitzgerald had waited for the crime to be consumated, then revealed the contents of his investigation...That candidate never would have been sworn in and a special election would have been held...Which would have been the appropriate thing in the first place.