Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carter-Ruck, Auchi, and Little Lord Fauntleroy

The lads at Carter-Ruck send United States Congressman Kirk a nasty gram about Kirk dragging Auchi into Illinois Politics.

These London guys ought to download that video of Little Lord Fauntleroy as reminder how they may look in Illinois. Then ask themselves why they didn't give their client Auchi better advice about coming to Chicago and getting down into the muck of our politics.

All sorts of questions about Iraqi Power Plants, Telcom deals, Rezko, and Alsammarae...

C'mon over to the windy city, Carter-Ruck in tow, and face Illinoisans face-to-face on what the heck you and your billions have been up too here. And I bet the FBI guys would love to chat too.

Try us Mr. Auchi..... please try. C'mon over and I'll take you to the West Side's American Depot Diner for lunch.

Update: Fran's column in today's South Town: Some state Democratic candidates' associations are real head-shakers

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