Monday, August 09, 2010

Auchi, Giannoulias, and Chicago Democrats

It's not like Auchi hasn't been hanging around the Chicago Regular Democratic Organization circuit. The Auchi, Alsammarae, Emil Jones and Blagojevich pics from that 2004 dinner at the Four Seasons and a visit to Emil Jones office from the GMH site, long since scrubbed.

Good for Kirk and the Sun Times shining the light on all of this. From Kirk's Press Release via Illinois Review.
Misleading Giannoulias Claim: In response to the Chicago Sun-Times uncovering a Broadway Bank loan made to Tony Rezko and Nadhmi Auchi while Alexi Giannoulias was Vice President and Senior Loan Officer, the Giannoulias campaign said: “Alexi left daily operation of the bank in September of 2005.”

FACT: As late as December 20, 2005, Alexi Giannoulias told reporters that he was still vice president and senior loan officer at Broadway Bank. “Giannoulias noted that he currently serves as vice president and senior loan officer at the four-branch Broadway Bank in Chicago.” (State Journal-Register, “Senator announces run for treasurer,” 12/20/05)

FACT: The newly disclosed loan to Auchi and Rezko was completed in February 2006, which suggests negotiations began in late 2005 while Giannoulias, by his own account, was Senior Loan Officer.

FACT: The Chicago Tribune reported that Alexi Giannoulias received a $41,000 salary from Broadway Bank in 2006.

FACT: Alexi Giannoulias cannot explain why Broadway Bank would loan money to a convicted felon (Auchi) and an individual known to be under federal investigation for corruption (Rezko), especially when the latter was already delinquent on a previous loan.

FACT: Alexi Giannoulias cannot explain why he misled the Chicago Tribune when he suggested his family and Broadway Bank could not have known about Tony Rezko’s alleged criminal activities when loans to him were made.
Next question, what about those Iraqis comming to Savanna Illinois to learn how to shoot AK-47s? Jill Morgenthaler out there for comment please?


Anonymous said...

Seriously, it's about time!!! Let's not forget that it is Patrick Fitzgerald who is and has been privy to all this information, he has all the pieces to this puzzle...WHAT has he done with it??? Nothing...Everyone seems so concerned with "Kirk's desperate political bashing" when they should be asking themselves: What is a guy like Auchi worth billions of dollars, with billion dollar contracts in Iraq doing in Chicago??? WHO brought him here? WHY is he investing in pidly real estate deals, in Chicago of all places??? The man makes his living buying politicians and thier
WHY has Patrick Fitzgerald done nothing in this case?

Bill Baar said...

I'm sure you've noticed anon, but Kirk's managed to rattle Auchi's cage and that might spring alot of dirt out into the open for a public with a much clearer eyes now about what these guys have been up too in Illinois.

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