Monday, July 05, 2010


Know little about her but if Madigan's after her she's doing something right.
Meet Cedra Crenshaw, just a mom trying to make a difference.

Cedra, a tea party candidate, is running against one of Michael Madigan's hand puppets, AJ Wilhelmi.

Click here to hear WHY just ONE MOM is running against the Chicago Machine!!

Now, after hearing this conservative firecracker on legs, you can understand WHY Michael Madigan and John Cullerton are running scared of her!

She's scaring the Machine because she took their ace out of their hands.

Cedra is an African-American mom and wife from Bolingbrook, so calling her an angry, white, old, rich man won't float.

So instead of fighting her on the issues, they are trying to kick her off the ballot, but we cannot let that happen.

Cedra Crenshaw, friend of Adam Andrzejewski, is willing to take this to the mattress, BUT SHE CAN ONLY WIN WITH YOUR HELP!

Her opponent's attorney is the a friend, ally and attorney for Michael Madigan AND BARACK OBAMA! We truly are fighting EVIL!

On Wednesday, July 7th, at 9:30 a.m., in the Will County Court House, 14 W. Jefferson Street, in room 308, there will be a hearing where Will County Board of Elections' officials will determine Cedra -- the tea party's candidate's fate -- AND WE NEED YOU THERE!

I know I keep asking you to come out to all these events and I know I keep saying, "...this is a very important event...", but THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT EVENT. (And I promise not to use this line, again, for 4 weeks. I even get sick of reading my same words on paper... LOL) But this is important. If we win, we gain street credibility, people! Even the GOP doesn't give us respect we deserve! But if we lose... Well, let's just say, NOT COOL.

For those from the Southwest Side, the Rock Island Metra train will take you directly to the courthouse door. I am personally taking the train and will be getting on either at 103rd Street or 111th Street. There is a train that will leave us off at Joliet at 9:05 a.m. and it will only take 5 minutes to walk across the street to the courthouse.

Click here to find your Metra stop schedule!

If you have a tea party shirt, WEAR IT!

Big Government, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity has picked up this story and they will be there covering it!

Also, on Tuesday, July 6th, at 9:30 a.m., there is a protest outside the courthouse.

This hearing was initially scheduled for Tuesday until Barack Obama's attorneys called and had it rescheduled. They are trying to screw around with us -- WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

So since it was initially scheduled for Tuesday, we will still go for a protest. We will NOT quit. We will NOT back down! But if you have to choose between one or the other - GO WEDNESDAY, PER ADAM ANDRZEJEWSKI'S REQUEST!

If you cannot make this court hearing, but would like to help fight this Chicago Machine, go to


Catherina Wojtowicz
Chicago Tea Patriots

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