Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feds jump the Gun arresting the Gov?

Sun Time's Natasha Korecki speculating the Feds jumped the gun arresting Blagojevich on the Obama Senate seat auction.
When you put aside the profanity-laced recordings, the $400,000 wardrobe and testimony that he was a no-show governor, much of the case remaining against Rod Blagojevich is a series of incomplete acts.
Why arrest half of a conspiracy-not-consummated when Blagojevich on a six year crime spree that started before even his first term per Fitz? How could DOJ fumble so badly and not go after the ugly stuff already completed?

Picture is Blagojevich and Eric Holder announcing Holder's award of a $300k contract to verify Rosemont Illinois not a mobbed up community and worthy of an Illinois Casio license...really... Mannheim Road a street of dreams for all to see. Sometimes all of the dots are so easy any fool can connect 'em.

A weak case made, pardons to be granted... all the players win.

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