Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tamara Holder: Crazy Or Reasonable Belief: Blagojevich Appointed to Ambassador of India In Exchange For Valerie Jarrett Senate Appointment

Holder blogs on the appointments of Louis Susman aka"The Vacuum" as Ambassador to Britain, John Roos to Japan, and Charles Rivkin to France and concludes,

I am not suggesting Obama engaged in quid pro quo appointments. But, instead, I am suggesting that before we laugh at Blagojevich for what appears to be, on the surface, completely delusional ideas, we must look at the entire appointment process as a whole.

It is becoming more and more clear that Blagojevich sought the counsel of many of his staff members. Thus far, we have not heard one advisor tell him, "No, you cannot seek something in exchange from Obama. That is illegal and you will go to prison." Not once.

Maybe that's because his desire for an exchange is not illegal...

No kidding, it seems the weakest of the cases. Now, the deal for that power plant in Iraq, or what in the world was the Guv doing with Nadhmi Auchi and Ayhim Alsammarae at the Four Seasons? Now those seem like the potential for deals coming down 'cause these aren't the kinda guys who just exchanged appreciation.


Anonymous said...

This was not just the worst crime, it was a slam dunk for the prosecution...They have witnesses, documentation and plenty of evidence...What do they want it gift wrapped too? And to think that Frawley, Mahru and Alsammarae are still out running around makes me sick!!! Frawley has threatened government witnesses and the feds do nothing because he's working as their informant... and Alsammarae is just threatens our military??? WTF!

Anonymous said...


This is a must read article...not that it's anything ya'll don't already know, it's who wrote it.

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Why do you think Frawley has 2 facebook pages? WHY do you think he is still claiming to be President of the bogus "Companion Security"? When anyone who can use Google could tell he and his company are fraudulent...WHAT is going on?