Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rod Blagojevich: "I'd like to get the f*** out of here"

Visit the DOJ website and you can hear Illinois's Progressive leader --and that's exactly what Blagojevich was: the darling of the Sierra Club, SEIU, and other Progressives throughout the State-- bluntly saying he wanted out. Listen to all of these tapes and you'll never hear our Progressive Guv talking once about the people of Illinois. It's all about making the deal for Blagojevich and friends.

Whether the jury will finds a crime here, the tragedy is the making-the-deal mode. It is all these Progressive Democrats from Chicago knew how to do. It's why Obama seems so incompetent now. Unable to lead our nation in containing a spill or waging a war. No deals to be made there so the administration's stalled.

They think of America as a giant Metropolitan Water Reclamation district. A guv machine that brings in cash that can be let in contracts to friends and family to cement political dynasties. That's the only way they can think.

If only America could help the whole crew get the f*** out of here.


Anonymous said...

Barack and Milorad are cut from the same cloth...both just looking out for themselves, in constant search for somthing that will stroke their ego's...It's really quite frightening that soooo many people are drawn to this type of personality and repeateldy vote them into office and protect them from ridicule.

In recent updates on the Blago trial, Harris states that Milorad confused Health and Human Services with Homeland Security...Can you imagine Milorad Blagojevich the head of Homeland Security??? HOW SCARY IS THAT?

Bill Baar said...

MSM only needs to look at Blagojevich's style for six years in office to understand Obama.