Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Via Korecki's must read Blago Blag,
Rod Blagojevich's lawyers say they should be privvy to remarks that President-Elect Obama made to FBI agents in December, 2008.

The defense team has filed a motion asking for written reports of Obama's two-hour interview with prosecutors and the FBI, saying that testimony by key government witness John Harris has opened the door to possibly new information concerning Obama.

They say that testimony contradicts the government's previous public statements that Obama knew nothing about deal-making involving the Senate seat appointment.

"Testimony elicited by the government from John Harris and wiretaps played in court raise the issue of President Obama's direct knowledge and communication with emissaries and others regarding the appointment to his senate seat," lawyers wrote in the filing.
Yep, and what about Obama's most recent visit to Chicago just before the start of the trial? Tell me there was no meeting between DOJ and the Prez then too.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I hope they get it. And IF they don't we will all know the fix is in. I still don't understand why they didn't get it to begin with?

Bill Baar said...

trying to cover for the prez...that's why

pathickey said...

Natasha Korecki, Bill, gives me some hope for the future of journalism. Natasha and Mark Konkol, along with Tim Novak are the clasa of the field.