Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Blagojevich Trial

Well, it's started... looks like four months of it.

Here's an interesting post by Joel Pollack quoting Jan Schakowsky (H/T Chicago News Bench) who's got plenty of her own problems with Helen Thomas quotes thanks to Pat Hickey. Pollack writes,
Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich starts his federal trial today. And the Illinois Democrats who clung to his coattails for years are desperate to pretend they don’t know him. Back in 2003, Rep. Jan Schakowsky proclaimed of Blago: “He really is very smart. I don’t laugh at the idea [of his running for President] at all.” She added that when he walked into a room, “there was this crackle of electricity. Everyone wanted to touch him.”

That electricity prompted Rep. Schakowsky to donate $28,000 to Blago’s campaigns for governor. Her husband, convicted felon and political strategist Robert Creamer, made $541,000 helping Blago get elected in 2002. She lobbied him heavily in November 2008 in the hope that he would appoint her to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Barack Obama, and is thought to be “Senate Candidate 3” in the original criminal complaint.

Now she is trying to laugh it off, nervously telling the Politico that the trial will be a “soap opera.” She and other Illinois Democrats are trying to pretend that even though Blago’s alleged crimes involved prominent figures in federal, state, and local government, he was a lone wolf. But they are nervous, because the connections are there. (Is it just a coincidence that President Obama chose last weekend, of all others, to visit Chicago?)
Last weekend's visit was almost certainly prompted by the need for a deposition from Obama. The Blagojevich crackle still there it's just be amped up to a lethal charge. Touch the Guv now and it's fatal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, Did you by chance see #3 on the list for potential board's from Natasha Korecki's Blago Blog??? The one and only Daniel Mahru, lawyer for the Companion Security deal...if I remember correctly he had been wearing a wire for the fed's since the conception of Companion, around 2005...Frawley's break in was April 2006 is when I imagine the fed's paid him a visit and started putting the pieces together.