Sunday, June 06, 2010

Blago Trial: Tamara Holder looks at the Case

Tamara Holder had a good column in Huffpo.
In spite of the rulings and prosecution's tactics, I believe Rod Blagojevich has the greatest defense lawyers on his side. Be careful, Mr. Fitzgerald: I don't think Lincoln is going to be so quick to roll over in his grave.
Fitz also seems to have omitted all the interesting connections with Auchi, Alsammarae, the Iraq Power Plant deal, training all those Iraqi's on AK-47s in Savanna Illinois (nine weeks in Baghdad and I got the impression every Iraqi male understood an AK-47...what do they need to go to Savanna Ill of all places for?) Fitz settled on the Obama Senate seat and that seems the weakest charge given Sestak and the rest of WH SOP for horse trading. If that's legal, what in the world is the Guv guilty of?


Anonymous said...

I can't get over it!!! This was by far the most heinous crime to date by anyone in politic's and Fitzgerald has the audacity to sweep it under the rug like it never happened...So few people even know about this well documented pay to play because of the lack of press...This should have been a slam dunk they had testimony, documentation and plenty of evidence including wire recordings that were worn by their lawyer Dan Mahru...I heard after they picked up Frawley after his home robbery incident they had him wear a wire as well....WHY no justice???

Anonymous said...

She forgot to mention in her article that the prosecution has not yet turned over the contents of the 2 hour long meeting they had with then President Elect Obama...Why do you think Fitzgerald won't turn over the minutes to the meeting? Do you think it wasn't recorded? or maybe lost?

Anonymous said...

"Monk said he figured the plan would help fundraising and mean money for the four conspirators.
Rezko later filled him in. Monk said Rezko told him that Robert Kjellander, who was a lobbyist for Bear Stearns, had steered $500,000 to him for his help in ensuring Bear Stearns sold all $10 billion in bond"...

My guess is the kick back was a lot more than $500,000, Rezko deposted that 500 in an account known to all his conspirators and the rest??? Remember when he got that 'loan' from Nadmi Auchi for $3 million that ended him up in jail for not disclosing it to the court? Maybe it wasn't a 'loan' afterall but, a withdrawal....WHO would lend someone $3 million dollars when they were facing prosecution by the fed's???

Monk has already refered to Rezko numerous times during his testimony...I don't see how the prosecution can avoid his testimony.