Saturday, May 08, 2010

Marathon Pundit at Organizing for America

Marathon Pundit attends an OFA training session. Here's OFA's advice,
But Gilpin said the best way to promote the Democratic Party was to relate their personal connection to its causes--and not getting stuck in the mud on policy stands. On one level that makes sense, my most effective blog posts involve my personal experiences. For instance, when I write about union greed in the trade show industry, I can bring in my recollections as a convention service manager at various downtown hotels. I can't do that while reporting on the British parliamentary elections.

"Personal stories make a difference" is an entry in the Advancing Change 2010 guide book. Gilpin phrased it more directly, "'Why did you come to their door?'--That inspires them!"
As John says, response is, so yeah, what about Rob Blagojevich?

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