Monday, May 10, 2010

‘Manchurian President’: Aaron Klein on Fox News’ ‘Geraldo at Large’ Sunday May 9

A cross post from Brenda at RBO:

Aaron Klein, with whom I co-authored 'The Manchurian President', will be on Fox News Channel's 'Geraldo at Large' at 10:00 pm Eastern tomorrow night to discuss the book. A more accurate time for Aaron's appearance will be posted if and when available in advance.

Aaron will also be on WABC tomorrow afternoon, 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern, doing a live broadcast of 'Aaron Klein Investigative Radio' from New York City.

You can listen to his May 2 WABC Show podcast here.

Aaron will appear on Fox Business Network's Happy Hour on Monday afternoon at 5:00 pm Eastern. Again, if a more accurate time for Aaron's appearance becomes available it will be posted in advance.

You can also access our current Book Media Tour schedule here

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