Saturday, May 01, 2010

Charlie Cook rates Illinois 14th a Toss Up

via the Cook Report
IL-14 Bill Foster Lean D to Toss Up

Fallout from the Broadway Bank seizure may not just affect the fortunes of Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias but Democrats up and down the ballot in Illinois. There may be plenty of time for state Democrats to find a new standard-bearer and recover from this disastrous week, but one Democrat who was already in a tough race that won’t get any easier is Foster.

For Foster, who has never had to run a race against anyone other than deeply flawed dairy magnate Jim Oberweis, the slightest national breeze in the GOP’s favor is a severe threat. But to the extent that breeze gets stronger as a result of state Democrats’ troubles, Foster’s challenge of making this race about GOP state Sen. Randy Hultgren gets even more difficult, even with the aid of his personal checkbook.

Of all incumbent House Democrats in the state, Foster is currently the most vulnerable. This race moves to the Toss Up column.
Don't get complacent folks.... Foster's still a mighty big check book.

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