Wednesday, May 26, 2010

America Speaking Out: Ideas vs Tales?

GOP House members rolled out a new Networking site call America Speaking Out. I missed the Bloggers call but had an opportunity to speak with Congressman Roskam IL-6th and told him I appreciated the GOP's focus on ideas, vs Organizing for America's focus on personal narratives.

The two concepts says a whole lot about the difference between the parties.

Ideas can be tested by reason and evidence. Ideas can be debated, merged with other ideas, modified, and improved. Personal narratives pretty much one person's take. You hope the story teller doesn't embellish too much; or worse.... plain delusional.

Roskam said the House GOP's learned some lessons on social networking in politics and America Speaking Out an effort to get engagement with users through voting on ideas, and links to Facebook and Twitter.

A whole lot better of an approach to politics, citizenship, and productive solutions to our problems than listening to someone else's tale.

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