Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cook County Young Republicans host a blogger's coffee with Bill Brady

Cook County Republican Party Chairman Lee Roupas hosted a coffee this morning for bloggers with Bill Brady. I'll come back to some of the details later this weekend but I wanted to get a post started.

Democrats have already started the "extremist frame 'cause that's all that got going for 'em this Novemeber. Sit down with Bill Brady though and you'll quickly read him as a fundamentally decent guy. Somebody you can trust to make you proud to say you're from Illinois. A guy who wants to build a decent economy where our kids can find jobs. Get Brady out there in the city and burbs and independents and Democrats will see his character. It doesn't take long for him to connect.

We've become so cynical about politics in Illinois, Brady's decency seems jarring at first, but it won't take Brady long to convince a lot of Democrats it's time to rally around a guy with Illinois's best interests at heart. I think Brady can do that if some of those power-that-be in the Illinois GOP can line up behind him with the bucks that it's going to take to put Brady out there for all to see up close.

Continued tomorrow...


Fran's take over at Illinois Review

I thought this on the Democrats funding $10 million on food deserts while keeping Walmart out of the city good.
"It’s just shocking the way they’re willing to sacrifice the quality of life for others to hold onto their political power. I think you can make no mistake about it, that’s what they’re doing by preventing major retailers from going in to a lot of these underdeveloped communities in the city of Chicago.

Roupas said Bill Brady’s been the only candidate to consistently bring that touchy topic up throughout the primary. Brady continued, building off Roupas' theme.

“It helps us with minority communities, it’s truth, it’s real,” Brady said. “It points to the dynamic differences between the political fiefdoms and the continuation of power for a few against the people they represent,” Brady said. “It really bothered me when – to counteract this -- they actually put $10 million into last year’s budget to help alleviate the “food desert” problem. We could have made hundreds of millions in tax revenue by letting the private sector alleviate the food desert problem.”


I asked Brady on how we go about growing Illinois when we have nine shot dead and another eighteen wounded within 12 hours. He responded with schools and economy on the fundamental solution to reducing violence but also mentioned the need for collective police work among city, suburbs, and State. Also letting violent offenders out early doesn't help much.

Lee Roupas stuck around afterwords to talk with us. He's an impressive guy with a grasp of the issues and an effective, convincing presenter. Watch him. He'll shake up Cook County; especially if the folks in the GOP with the check books come through and finance this campaign the way it should be.

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