Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alexi Giannulis: If I had $20 Million Dollars

Mob Banker sings a classic folk song. H/T American Princess


Anonymous said...

I read some where that Daniel T. Frawley (Rezko's Companion Security partner) scammed bank's out of millions of dollars and had judgments against him...I wonder if he took any loans from Alexi???

Anonymous said...

Rezko bounced over $450,000 in bad check's at Vegas Casino's in March thru June of 2006...It was in April of 2006 that Frawley's house was robbed of $108,000 cash and 3 guns' that magically reappeared on his doorstep 3 days' later...just after the LaGrange police insisted they had to report to the FBI...This is also the time period in which Jill Morganthaler sent the emails' the military base in Savanna, in fact it was the very next day after the robbery...It sounds like this gang of thieves were a little desperate for cash during this time frame...Isn't this when Alsammarae was "allegedly" given the $1 million dollar bribe for the Companion Security contract (which he has been accused and denied)??? Could all these incidents in this tight time frame all be a coincidence??? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Get this Judge Zagel who is hearing the Blagojevich case heard a case with Frawley as well...What a small world.

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