Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What says Bill Foster on EPA's Backdoor Nat Energy Tax?

GOP talking points on the EPA back door plot. Expect more of this kind of stuff as Democrats in Congress implode. Bill Foster needs to be pressed on this stuff.
GOP Talkers on EPA’s Backdoor National Energy Tax
March 2, 2010

· Late last year, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) head Lisa Jackson signed an “endangerment finding” stating that greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, “threaten the public health and welfare of current and future generations.”

· These findings pave the way for EPA regulation of emissions even though the EPA has admitted that it has not evaluated possible job losses or shifts in employment that may occur due to its rules and regulation.

· Clearly, the Obama Administration is moving ahead on EPA regulations to pressure Congress into passing cap-and-tax legislation—if the Democrat Congress does not force a job-killing cap-and-tax scheme on the American people, the EPA will.

· The EPA endangerment finding and resulting regulation is just another massive intrusion of government into the U.S. economy. This action will stifle economic growth and kill jobs, especially in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

· EPA regulation is simply a national energy tax that will raise costs for consumers and ship jobs overseas during a recession.

· New EPA permitting processes and rules will cost billions of dollars to implement and could potentially affect millions of small emitters such as hotels, hospitals, churches, farms, and various small businesses. The rules will inject uncertainty into the economy, delay or halt new construction, and deter investment.

· Several States’ governors, attorneys general, environmental agencies, and agricultural agencies have weighed in to oppose the EPA finding, citing negative impacts for their State.

· House Republicans oppose any effort to implement the EPA’s job-killing regulations.

· House Republicans are introducing a joint resolution of disapproval that will prevent the EPA from promulgating a cascade of anti-growth rules and requirements.

· House Republicans have a better plan to clean up the environment without a backdoor national energy tax. The American Energy Act is an all-of-the-above plan that would provide energy independence, more jobs here at home and a cleaner environment at the same time.

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