Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SEIU's Thanks to Bill Foster

SEIU has a site here where you can sign off on,
Thank You, Representative Bill Foster

While Republicans in Washington stand with insurance companies and Wall Street profiteers, Bill Foster is on our side. Bill Foster just stood up to the powerful health insurance companies and their billions in profit. So now, you can’t be denied or lose coverage because your sick, and families and small businesses will be able afford the health insurance they need.

Thank Bill Foster – he’s standing with us, not the powerful special interests.
Let Foster know who he's working for...

...or maybe,
Do you want to know what our new health care system means? All you need to know is that the price of Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s stock, one of the largest for-profit hospital systems, was up 9 percent two days ago. So much for bending the cost curve.
via Stanley Goldfarb

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