Monday, March 22, 2010

SEIU's Andy Stern on who owns Bill Foster

A Randy Hultgren email on Andy Stern boasting who Bill Foster works for.
Bill Foster's Vote Betrays the Trust of the 14th District

Dear Friend:

Tonight, Bill Foster dealt the 14th Congressional District a devastating blow!

Foster's vote to takeover health care doesn't only run contrary to the wishes of his constituents, it delivers on the commitment he made to HIS real boss, Andy Stern, head of the Service Employees International Union.

In the Washington Post this week, Stern boasted of the debt owed to SEIU by Foster saying that "Foster, who we ran a significant independent expenditure for, we're telling him what it is our workers thought they were working for him for" in reference to the Pelosi/Reid health care bill.

It is clear, by the admission of SEIU to the Washington Post of access and influence, that Foster is bought and paid for by special interests at the expense of the residents of the 14th Congressional District!

Not only did Foster commit this heinous act of multi-generational theft, harming residents of Illinois by taking away Medicare benefits to seniors and shifting unknown costs to our children and grandchildren, he also committed another heinous act against the unborn.

In a later vote, Foster voted to uphold Nancy Pelosi's commitment to government-funded abortion!

I am fighting to serve in Congress so that we STOP the special interest buying spree of Congress, STOP the government from paying for abortions and STOP the abuse of the taxpayer's money!

PS The link to WaPo's Ezra Klein's interview with Stern.

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