Thursday, March 25, 2010

SB2494: the Illinois School Choice Program - A sponser photo badly needed please

This passed the Illinois State Senate today: 33 to 20
Amends the School Code. Creates the Illinois School Choice Program, which shall be administered by the State Board of Education. Provides that any State-certified, non-public school wishing to enroll eligible students and be reimbursed for vouchers available under specified provisions shall notify the State Board of Education in writing of its intent. Specifies the eligibility for reimbursement of vouchers. Specifies reporting requirements for non-public schools that are participating in the Program. Contains provisions concerning the calculation of vouchers and how they may be used by parents. Contains provisions concerning the verification of the household income of participating parents. Provides that the State Board of Education may adopt rules for administration of the Program. Amends the State Finance Act to create the School Choice Fund as a special fund in the State treasury and provides that permitted fees collected by the State Board of Education shall be deposited into the Fund and shall be used by the State Board of Education to cover the administrative costs of the Program. Effective immediately.
Senate Sponsors are Sen. James T. Meeks - Dan Cronin - Rickey R. Hendon, Chris Lauzen, Matt Murphy and Dan Duffy Geez, Illinois needs a picture of this team, smiling, all-together, as proof sensible people can move sensible laws for the common good of Illinois.

Please this.

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