Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rhambo Raw

Massa on the rumble in the buff with Emanuel in the Congressional shower. Unhinged? Sure, but I believe Massa. Wait until Blagojevich goes to trial,
"Instead, I've instructed my lawyers to petition the court, petition so that every second, every second, every minute, every hour that the government secretly taped me is provided to both sides to be heard and played in court. And I challenge the government, I challenge the government, if you are on the side of truth and justice as you say you are and if this was a crime spree like you claim it was, then don't hide behind technicalities play all the tapes. Play all the tapes. Play the truth and play the whole truth."
Hear Rhambo uncut all summer on these tapes, and everyone will know the goofs governing America... in the midst of War and Recession.

What a mess ahead.

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Anonymous said...

This is what I find soooo very disturbing...the people of Illinois are immune to political corruption. I often hear, "he's just doing what his predicessor did, or he's just doing what the rest of them do"...We are at war!!! When you have corruption in politics or politicians who have the potential to be blackmailed, that gives the enemy a very powerful target. Then you add to that the strictest gun laws in the country. I believe this is what brought Rezko, Alsammarae and Frawley here to Illinois, to infiltrate our government through bribing corrupt,greedy, vunerable politicians. Because they were smart enough to involve the future president of the United States, it will be swept under the rug by the Feds and Patrick Fitzgerald. It makes me sick!!!