Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luis Gutierrez votes for cruelty

Some lawmakers had said it was cruel to deny immigrants access to the new insurance marketplaces, akin to denying them the ability to purchase food in grocery stores or to drive on federal highways.
... a few hours after I was writing Mark Kirk ought to be giving the guy some credit for standing up to Obama on principle... much for principles.

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Anonymous said...

It was my understanding that Illegals wouldn't have to buy it because they would be covered automatically? Just like someone on vacation.
If I were Luis I would be worried with the Boender guilty verdict...Luis said that he was never contacted by the feds, even after it was well known Boender "loaned" him $200,000, really? It sounds to me that Fitz is either doing a covert investigation on Luis or he's not doing his job. The democrats really don't care what happens to Luis as long as it doesn't happen before the health care vote.