Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jennifer Laesch: Help Choose Our Next Lieutenant Governor

Well, at least the Democratic candidate for LG, so if you have ideas, here's the person to see: Help Choose Our Next Lieutenant Governor
I am only 1 of the 38 voices who will help make the selection and many of us are still uncertain as to what the process will be. What I do know is that residents of the 14th Congressional District should have a say in this matter. I am a firm believer in democracy and transparency so I want to communicate openly to residents of the 14th district as the process continues.

I have been hearing from a number of candidates who want to run for Lt. Governor. Some have submitted resumes and many have made calls or sent letters in the mail seeking my vote. Below is a polling memo (put out by Mike Boland’s campaign) along with several other letters from potential candidates and their supporters.

In making the decision, I have decided to seek advice from three groups of people:

1) Other Democratic Party Chairs in the 14th District
2) The voters who elected me
3) The progressive community and members of Progressive Democrats of America

I am going to use this website, www.progressivefox.com as a place to post my letter, any correspondence from potential candidates, and as a place for people to offer suggestions.
I seem to recall a fond endorsement of John Laesch by then LG Quinn. Now, a Laesch v Plummer LG debate would be an excellent thing to see. Just thinking....

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