Saturday, March 27, 2010

Iraq: the Secularist wins

It's not a real Democracy until powers changed hands a few times but Iraqis have sure dispelled the notion Democracy in a Shia land would lead to fundamentalist regime beholden to Iran. With Hakim and the Sadrist firmly in third place, it seems Iraqi's picking moderation. The picture of Allawi and VP Al Hashimi from Al Hashimi's facebook page. No word on Chicagoan Ahim Alsammare who was running on Allawi's list for the City of Sammara. Results via Iraq the Model,
Adding the 7 compensatory seats, the final picture looks like this:

Allawi: 89+2=91
Maliki: 87+2=89
Hakim+Sadr: 68+2=70
PUK+KDP: 42+1=43
Change (Goran): 8
Tawafok (Accord): 6
Iraq Unity (Bolani): 4
Islamic Union (Kurdish): 4
Islamic Group (Kurdish): 2
Minorities: 8
Total: 325

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Anonymous said...

Here is Alsammarae's facebook page...Check out his friends, Daniel Frawley, YES the same Daniel T. Frawley of Companion Security and on his facebook page he list his employer as Companion Security LLC...Yet there is no phone, address, web site or even a facebook page available for this so-called company...WOW