Wednesday, March 24, 2010

David Brooks starts the Value Added Tax talk and his Royal "We"

Brooks yesterday,
Nobody knows how this bill will work out. It is an undertaking exponentially more complex than the Iraq war, for example. But to me, it feels like the end of something, not the beginning of something. It feels like the noble completion of the great liberal project to build a comprehensive welfare system.

The task ahead is to save this country from stagnation and fiscal ruin. We know what it will take. We will have to raise a consumption tax. We will have to preserve benefits for the poor and cut them for the middle and upper classes. We will have to invest more in innovation and human capital.
Expect a whole lot more on the coming consumption tax to solve the fiscal problems and empower the "We" to make all those investment decisions with the proceeds to save the poor, and innovate.

So who exactly is Brooks's "We" and what wondrous algorithm will "We" use to allocate the billions?

Remember these guys are from Illinois and they tend to make decisions with things like Arne Duncan's lists.
When U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan ran the Chicago Public Schools for the boss of Chicago, he kept a secret list of those who hoped to clout children into the city's top-tier public schools.

"We didn't want to advertise what we were doing because we didn't want a bunch of people calling," CPS official David Pickens admitted to Tribune reporters Azam Ahmed and Stephanie Banchero, who broke the story.

So the schools kept a clout list. But they didn't want nobody nobody sent hassling them with calls.

And once again, the bright road that is the Chicago Way is paved with shiny bricks for all to see.

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