Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dan Kairis: the 14th's Green Guy

Won't hear much about Dan 'cause the Daily Herald will want to protect Bill Foster's left.

Foster's vote against withdrawing from Iraq could push the progressive sorts among Kane Democrats too. Green's asking,
Answer any of these questions...

Are you for a continuing war in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Do you agree that we should be able to attack countries such as Syria and Pakistan in search of terrorists?

Are you in favor of attacking Iran because they are supposedly trying to secure Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Do you think our nation is doing all it can to prevent global warming or preserve our resources?

Were you in favor of the Wall Street bailout?

Do you think the health care insurance companies are "in your corner" and support you 100%?

Is Illinois government working well for its citizens?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, why are you considering more of the same from the Democrats and Republicans?

Consider all your options. It is your right as an American citizen. It is your reponsiblity as an American citizen.

Vote for your hopes, not your fears...

Vote Green!
Some Kane Democrats might agree.

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