Friday, March 12, 2010

Chris Lauzen goes Revolutionary

Funny, 'cause he looks the CPA and not a guy in the streets on the barricades. In today's Herald, Lauzen explains call for Republican Party reform; Kenyon lashes back
Thursday afternoon, Lauzen said these days he identifies himself as an "independent Republican" because the days of "going along to get along" must end.

"Really, things couldn't be much worse for Republicans as far as what we have in the status quo in Illinois," Lauzen said. "I know that there are people within my own party that are angry that I won't shut up about people enriching themselves in public office."

Lauzen's letter indicates Hastert's perks as one such example. "The whole idea that we need to pay him anything is outrageous," Lauzen said. "People say, 'Chris, you shouldn't say that.' Sorry, then you show me who's saying it. You show me the people who are supposed to clean up our party."
And here's the whole letter,
I deeply appreciate the landslide support that voters in the Republican Feb. 2 primary provided for me and our volunteers.

The clear message, at least in our Republican Primary, was: Tell people the truth. Serve constituents, not the powerful political potentates. Shrink government and restore our pride in traditional American values. Bring our jobs back. Stop the behind-the-scenes manipulation and coercion.

I call for an upheaval and reformation of the Republican Party based upon the clear message from our voters. Actions that can be taken immediately include: 1. Return the power of directly voting for party leadership to "the People." 2. Anyone, at any level of government, who is found enriching himself, his family or friends beyond his statutory pay should immediately be fired and prosecuted. Zero tolerance for self-serving corruption is our standard. 3. Pat Brady, the Illinois Republican Chairman, should resign for interfering and taking sides in this Republican primary and for doing nothing to effectively stop his predecessor from spending $5 million to attack his opponents (after having promised to monitor and enforce clean campaigning standards).

4. The Kane County Republican Chairman should resign so that we can credibly begin the work of reconstructing a reformed Republican-led coalition of Republicans, Independents, and disillusioned Reagan Democrats. "Less Government, More Individual Freedom" will be our objective and slogan. 5. The current Aurora Republican Chairman is already stepping down. The new elected chairman should work hard to rally the Reform Coalition around recruiting and supporting candidates who will practice honest competence. 6. Dennis Hastert should return to the U.S. Treasury the $500,000 per year that he is receiving, as former Speaker of the House, to employ three staff members whom he pays over $100,000 per year each and $6,300 per month rent, and a taxpayer-paid SUV for his use.

Chris Lauzen


state senator, 25th Legislative District

Well, I'd be ticked if Nancy Pelosi gets this kind package come next year. (On the other hand, that might be a cheap way to be done with her too!) But yeah, Chris has it right here. Illinois GOP is in sore need of some upheaval and Kane County a good place as any to start.

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