Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bill Kristol: What Democrats Think of the American People

Kristol on Hoyer's assertion Americans don't care if the House uses Slaughter House rules to avoid an up/down vote on the Senate's bill,
In other words: the American public doesn't care about how our representatives govern us--which is to say, about how we govern ourselves. Whether Congress follows its rules, whether there is democratic accountability, whether there is constitutional probity--none of this matters according to Hoyer. Rather, the self-centered and self-concerned American people only care about the (alleged) results of the legislation.

Here the Democrats betray their contempt for the supposed simple-mindedness and short-sightedness of the American public. They also convey their vision of the American people living under the big government liberalism: We are to be passive consumers of government action, who accept what is done for us and to us in light of our perceived narrow short-term self-interest. We are not to think of ourselves as self-governing citizens with a stake in the process of constitutional self-government and a concern for the good of the whole.

This may be the outcome--turning citizens into consumers, self-government into the nanny state--that the Democrats would like to achieve. I don't think it's one the American people wish to accept.
Tell it to the folks in front of Bill Foster's office last night Mr. Hoyer.

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