Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bill Foster and Melissa Bean: constituents by invitation only please

What cowards.

From the Daily Herald,
U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean, a Barrington Democrat, is hosting the first of three round tables today to sell the law to constituents in her Northwest suburban 8th District.

U.S. Rep. Bill Foster, a Batavia Democrat, is expected to follow suit with his own events in the far West suburban 14th District.

Both representatives voted for the legislation that, in part, bans insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions, mandates the purchase of health insurance, provides tax credits and will eventually create an exchange intended to increase access and lower premium costs.

But as the two Democrats hold meetings to explain the law to suburbanites, don't expect any raucous town hall-type attractions like those that dominated the summer news. Bean's events are "by invitation only," meaning her office has hand-picked the attendees.
Man I don't know how you look yourself in the mirror when your this gutless with voters.

John Laesch, what ever else one says, would have stood up and explained himself. Democrats in the 14th should hide themselves in shame for pushing a shameful guy like Bill Foster upon us.

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