Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alsammarae election video

From his campaign....

The sake of a strong
For the unity of our country
For the security of our city
For the elimination of sectarianism
In order to fight terrorism and fanaticism
In order to uproot the culture of revenge of our Constitution
For the evolution of our economy
In order to improve the quality of our services
To pay attention to women and children
Of caring for the future of our youth


Anonymous said...

The only reason the conviction of Aiham Alsammarae was lifted was because then Prime Minister Nori al-Maliki made a law stating, "Ministers' could only be investigated with thier permission". It is difficult to believe that the U.S. would still fund this very corrupt government who refuses to conform. Why our local U.S. attorney would give this guy a pass when the "pay to play" was in his own back yard seems a little corrupt as well.

Anonymous said...

I found out an interesting tid bit on this subject...remember how Daniel T. Frawley's, sister Maureen's house was robbed of over $100,000 cash and 3 guns (which magically reappeared two days later on her front door step). Maureen was quick to blame her friend Dan Harder, she said he had stolen before and had a gambling addiction...(why you would let a known thief in your home without locking up that amount of cash and guns is beyond me!) Any how I find it interesting that you could say those things publicly about a person and still remain bff's on facebook. I know if someone said those things about me to a news paper, I would be mad as hell and I would not be their friend on facebook or any where else.
It was just a coincidence that Jill Morganthaler sent the email o.king the Savanna site the very next day after the robbery...this was just one crazy misunderstanding!