Saturday, January 02, 2010

Progressives Throw “Obama” Under the Bus

A cross post from my blog on Unitarian Universalism.

Carl Davidson's recycled Progressives for Obama into Progressive America Rising H/T The Real Barack Obama.

Carl (and feel free to comment here Carl to the Unitarian Universalist blogosphere) knows better than most the real Obama having known him from New Party Days in Chicago when Obama came to Carl for support. So the ease Carl can turn on the guy may seem surprising to those not versed in the left. Carl after all nailed Barack as triangulator par excellence.

But Marxism and Progressivism is all about progress through dialectics. The clash of opposites and the synthesis of the new and then it all starts over again. Brings to mind Trotsky's letter Albert Goldman in 1940, Burnham doesn’t recognize dialectics but dialectics does not permit him to escape from its net.

It could be rewritten today as, Obama doesn't recognize dialectics but dialectics does not permit him to excape from its net. Carl and his fellow comrades at PFO are casting the new net. The dialectic turning on the new Obama order to crush him and take America to the next new level of progress.

That's the fine mess Democrats have bought themselves with these DSA Schactmenites from Hyde Park (at least that's where I first met the dying YPSL). Progressives who climb in bed with a patron of Tony Rezko and Illinois's Democratic Machine as a progressive step, then to be followed by the next clash. The throwing of Obama under the Progressive's bus. Progressives call it dialectics but it seems more betrayal.

Recall the old man's conclusion in 1940,
In the good old days we waited, often for years and decades for a verification of a prognosis. Now the tempo of events is so feverish that the verification comes unexpectedly the next day.
Again a War-time America's in one of History's moments of feverish tempo. Verification on Obama's going to come quick. On Progressives too...

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Carl Davidson said...

No need for anything as fancy as dialectics. Sticking to core values and common sense works, too. Here's my New Year's take on the topic at