Sunday, January 17, 2010

Phil Hare in today's NYT: Get ObamaCare behind us

Pass it and get it beyond you and this dog of ObamaCare will still bite Hare and Democrats in their tails. A bill with front-loaded taxes and back loaded benefits not going to sell. Hare in today's NYT,
“We know that it is bad news if we don’t get it done,” said Representative James P. McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts. “If we do get it done, it might be bad news or it might not be. So we need to get this done and start talking about something else.”

Representative Phil Hare, Democrat of Illinois, agreed: “We have to get this behind us. We have to pivot to jobs.”

Several Democrats said they were convinced that much of the public would embrace the health legislation once its benefits became known and that Democrats would be able to run proudly on their accomplishment.

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