Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nick Cohen: Obama is the most reactionary president since Nixon

....the weakness of Jimmy Carter with the morals of Richard Nixon... is what Cohen found during Obama's first year.
A Democrat president does not lose Massachusetts without so dispiriting liberals they can longer be bothered to turn out for him. Inattentive foreigners have been slow to spot the demoralization because their relief at Obama's inauguration has stopped them realizing that his failure to tackle unemployment and his unconscionable delay in punishing the bankers have induced despair among his natural supporters. As has the vacuity of his foreign policy.

I accept that readers may find this a hard sentence to swallow, but when it comes to promoting democracy, the emancipation of women and the liberation of the oppressed, Barack Obama has been the most reactionary American president since Richard Nixon.
gonna be a long three years...

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John Ruberry said...

Wow...and from the Guardian.