Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunny and Gene

From the Prolog to Arlene's new novel. Looks like it starts at the Hospital my kids were born at. Good luck with the book Arlene, and Merry Christmas. Hope Hollywood finds you!

The sound of the baby crying had been going on for hours. His intense screams filled the otherwise quiet hallways of Austin General Hospital. Located on the WestSide of Chicago in the rapidly gentrifying community of West Austin, Austin General or A.G. as it was nicknamed by the staff had quickly gained a reputation as “the place” to give birth in all of the Chicagoland area.

The nursery was the center hub of the third floor maternity ward. Its waist-to-ceiling clear glass windows topped a bay-shaped viewing area that allowed parents and visitors to observe the infants at all times. The walls were tinted in the softest of green color so that they radiated both warmth and calm to those who beheld it. The space beneath the window area was configured to hold four to six of the specially designed Lucite bassinets. Each bassinet was custom embossed with the A.G. signature crest—a physician with outstretched hands holding a naked newborn baby while the mother laying in bed reaches her arms out to embrace it.

Normally the nursery was filled with at least four infants. But tonight in a rare moment of delivery room slowdown, the only occupant was a newborn baby boy. Swaddled in receiving blankets, wearing a sky blue skullcap and barely six-hours-old, he had done a stellar job of making his presence known to anyone entering the floor.
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