Saturday, December 05, 2009

Second City Cop: Gee, Another Coincidence, or should we call it Blagogate?

The Cops comment on this,
Chicago police were looking into an early-morning burglary Friday at the South Side offices of his lawyers. Computers containing copies of the nearly 500 hours of recordings in the Blagojevich case and other sensitive evidence were stolen, sources said.

It was unclear whether the burglary was carried out by thieves knowing what they were after or was a smash-and-grab by criminals looking for cash or easy-to-move merchandise. But the burglars didn't appear to be terribly sophisticated, setting off an alarm about 4 a.m.

At least eight laptops and a safe were stolen, sources said.
I'm going with the inside job theory. Five hundred hours of recordings with Rahm and the rest of the crew are fricken golden. Terrible thins to waste on trials when they can be played for favors.


Anonymous said...

From everything we know about Milorad's tactics and his lawyers how could it be anything but an inside job??? They made a recent attempt at a trial delay and were rejected. If you remember the Rezko trial, then Senator Obama had one of his people monitoring the trial...Everyone seems to have forgotten that Barry was just as involved with Rezko as Milorad, if not more so. The one case that ties everyone together is the Companion Security deal w/Rezko, Alsammarae, Frawley & Mahru and they have the cooperation of Harris and Rezko to tie it all together. Did Barry participate in Alsammarae's escape from the green zone in Iraq??? Did he go along with Blago/Morganthaler to accquire the military base in Savanna Illinois? NO ONE VETTED any of the people involved with this bidding, WHO was going to vet the 150 Iraqi militant's who were going to train to use AK-47's? WHY hasn't Fitz brought charges in this case??????? Did he make a deal with Barry last December when he interviewed him????? Why didn't Barry fire Fitz????? This was not just a random theft and having the Chicago police investigate is like letting the fox guard the chickens.
What ever happened to the feds investigating Sgt. Maureen Frawley's home of 3 guns and $108,000 cash??? Was that a coicidence to that Morganthaler sent the email the Savanna site 1 day after the robbery??? And that Milorad was known for contributions in $25,000 and $100,000 increments??? Milorad reported his contributions made by check that could be traced...DID he report any CASH contributions???Are we really to assume no one ever gave him any??? This is a tangled web and I'm starting to believe that Fitz isn't up to the task.

Elz said...

Very interesting. Thanks for bringing it up.