Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pence: President Should Address Serious Concerns Before Traveling to Copenhagen

via GOP Blog
At a time of double-digit unemployment, the last thing our country needs is a jobs-killing cap and trade scheme imposed on our families and small businesses by bureaucrats at the United Nations. The American people have a right to debate this issue at home and with their elected leaders.

The American people deserve to know whether the president is going to enter the United States into a so-called ‘political agreement’ on cap and trade when the Constitution reserves to the Senate the power to ratify legally binding treaties. The president must clarify statements made by officials within his administration that suggest they will attempt an end-run around the Constitution in the name of global cap and trade.

The president must also address how reducing carbon emissions will affect our struggling small businesses, manufacturers and farmers. Further, developing countries have pledged to protect their growing economies from international carbon caps. Why are we placing American workers and businesses at a competitive disadvantage? I strongly urge the president to address these concerns before he flies to Copenhagen and commits our nation to a devastating cap and tax agreement.


Elz said...

Because my dad is an economist, I have had the chance to be against cap and trade for decades, rather than just the last few years. Sadly, Americans seem completely unwilling to respond to any impending problem until the horses have long since left the barn, the field and the county. Predictive reasoning, based on science not only of the physical elements, but also historical ones, plays no role in our national psyche. And we will soon have the international third tier rankings to show for it. Most Americans don't realize we are ALREADY second tier, behind Europe and Scandivania and even Singapore, vis a vis things like health and good government.

Bill Baar said...

That's pretty sweeping Elz... and I don't quite follow..your against cap and trade, as are most Americans.

Are you familiar with the German experience with these kinds of regs?