Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peace Making: Ibrahaim al-Rubaish the Poet of Guantanamo

Obama launches cruise missles a few days ago into Yemen for the likes of,
US intelligence reports have said "dozens" of senior al-Qaeda members are established in Yemen. Telephone intercepts and other surveillance detected close ties with groups based in South Asia. Officials claimed that Saleh al-Somali, a Somali-born terrorist killed in a US drone strike in Pakistan last week, had orchestrated movement between the two war zones.

But other most wanted figures remain at large. Ibrahaim al-Rubaish, known as the "poet of Guantanamo", who was released from the US prison camp in 2006 to undergo rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia, has fled to Yemen, as have other ex-prisoners.
I wonder how many Americans know America's at this work? Talk about MSM failing America... More from Bill Roggio here.

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