Sunday, December 27, 2009

Napolitano in left field on the Christmas Terrorist

The system worked? A Dutch passenger worked and is the only reason the terror attack didn't succeed. Abdulmutallab goes to Yemen to get equipped for the attack? What in the world can Napolitano be thinking? Her job is to protect America from attack. To secue the homeland, not run from reality.

Update: The Weekly Standard Blog: Napolitano Says "System" That Didn't Stop Bomber "Worked"

Footnote: Pundita: How much more information did Homeland want, Ms Napolitano, before bumping Mutallab from U.S. flights?

Pundita's take over at the Real Barack Obama. The administrations occupied with the politics and not the reality of protecting America. That's the only reason I can think for Napolitano's odd comments.

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