Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ehsan Fattahian was Hanged this Morning in Iran

via Mideast Youth,
According to several reports from Iran, Ehsan Fattahian was executed early this morning in Sanandaj Central Prison.

The mobilization of people to this effort has been amazing. Within a couple of days, over 10,000 people signed an online petition calling to stop the execution. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and several Iranian human rights organizations issued statements calling to halt the execution. However, from the moment the date of Ehsan’s execution was set, only the head of the Judiciary, Sadeq Ardeshir Larijani, could stop the execution. Larijani let this young man die despite being innocent.

Ehsan was executed for his political activities for the Kurdish minority in Iran. Despite being tortured, Ehsan refused to admit to participating in an armed struggle against the Iranian regime. His first sentence, exile for ten years, shows that the regime didn’t see him as serious threat. Only during the appeal process was he declared as an “enemy of God” and sentenced to execution. It is not only morally wrong to execute someone for wanting to be free, but it is also illegal, since international law makes it clear that all humans have the right to self determination.

This execution is just another tool in the Iranian regime’s mechanism of repression against the Kurdish minority. The Kurds in Iran are victims of arbitrary arrests, denial of education, denial of cultural expression, executions, raids, and denial of many other human rights.

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H/T Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi Note his crime was being an enemy of God.

Also Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi's Planet Iran.

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