Sunday, November 15, 2009

Durbin Quinn going for Thomson

I wondered why my 2005 Thomson post was getting so many hits. The guys took my advice, but geez no one doubts the ability of Illinois to keep 'em locked up. It's the guys coming to Thomson to make the Jihadi Polical points that should have everyone rightfully concerned. Considering the recent arrests in Kinsman, IL the Jihadi's are certainly about. They're serious and it's foolish not to be wary.

Better Gitmo than Illinois. Any fool knows and I fear Quinn and Durbin will look tragic fools because of this lobbying.

Work to win this competition?

Who's Durbin kidding? This is a new Camp Douglas. No prize.

Footnote: The Camp Douglas Conspiracy from the NYT in 1864

THE NEW CHICAGO CONSPIRACY.; Copperheads and Rebels in Counsel. Infamous Plot to Burn the City and Liberate the Rebel Prisoners. HOW THEIR PLANS WERE FRUSTRATED Arrest of Many of the Leading Conspirators.A Brother of Gen. Marmaduke and John Morgan's Adjutant General in Custody.Large Quantities of Concealed Arms and Ammunition Discovered. MEASURES TAKEN TO PRESERVE THE PEACE. SECOND DISPATCH. Further Details. LATEST.
Something less dramatic w/o Copperhead Democrats but more lethal perhaps. It's not without precedent.

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