Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dan Proft tackles Cicero

I wondered when he was going to do it. Here's his letter over at Illinois Review in response to Carol Marin.

The most effective response may be over at Kass though,
All this talk of reform is exciting, except for one thing. Proft has a problem. It's the size of Cicero. That doesn't necessarily disqualify him. But when a candidate is linked to Cicero, that candidate finds himself on the defensive.

For years Proft's public relations firm has reaped hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees from governments in and around Cicero, not exactly the most reformish hamlet in the state.

My colleague at the Sun-Times, Carol Marin, has been merciless in dissecting Proft. She's made Cicero a special study for years. If Proft thought that one day he'd run for governor, he should have stayed out of the town that Al Capone built.

"I'm not here to try and convince you that Cicero is Mayberry," Proft said. "People can play that guilt-by-association game. I had a responsibility to a client, to represent their interests, just like an attorney would, just like any professional would. And that's what I did."

Proft noted he's also had contracts with Hinsdale.

"Nobody wants to talk about my negotiated contract with Hinsdale, because Hinsdale isn't sexy," Proft said.

I agree. Hinsdale is a nice town, but you wouldn't say it's sexy.
Nice...Hinsdale, and yeah Cicero ain't Mayberry, and we really wouldn't want it that way either.

So this gonna work?

I like Proft, so I hope so.

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