Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Animal Farm: Thomson prison irony

Joe and John over at Animal Farm note what goes around comes around I guess. Maybe an adjoining site for Iraqi guards to practice with AK47s can be found too? Savanna seems to attract that kind of interest.
So there's irony No. 1. The Department of Defense was ready to hand over land for a state prison in the 1990s that could now end up being sold to the federal government so the Department of Defense could house detainees.

Perhaps you desire a little more irony?

Thomson was finished in 2001 but never staffed because of state budget problems. After hitting up taxpayers to build the prison, the state couldn't find the money to pay for the guards and other staff and so this modern prison sits virtually unused.

During Thomson's construction, the economy had been humming along. But the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks crashed the economy and subsequent credit crunches created a recession from which Illinois has yet to recover.

The irony is that if it had not been for those attacks, Thomson rather likely would have been opened and staffed by then-Gov. George Ryan and never available to house terrorist detainees.

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