Saturday, October 03, 2009

Americans for Prosperity Conference call on ACORN and SEIU

I missed this one last night but Joe Calomino sent me a copy of the comments below. Sign the petition to Gov Quinn asking for an investigation of ACORN and SEIU. We want to reform Illinois politics that's one of the best places to start.
Last year Joe Calomino appeared on MyFox Chicago discussing the SEIU's Relationship with Governor Blagojevich

I think it’s important that you know, last year AFP exposed SEIU in a saga that played out between 2002 and 2005, where (SEIU) exploited a surreptitious process to export taxpayer money and send it into their bank accounts. They used a combination of political patronage, campaign donations, and executive orders to generate more than $11 million in new union dues. Governor Blagojevich rode to victory on the back of Big Labor and over $900,000 worth of SEIU dues in the form of campaign contributions. He then unilaterally granted organizational rights to politically favored service employees and placed them under the purview of the ACORN affiliate - SEIU, resulting in as much as a 33 percent increase in wages. The governor then issued a contract to the SEIU-backed companies totaling $140 million dollars of your money. He basically, unilaterally gave them a raise and then paid for it with your money! SEIU was thrilled because it made $450 million additional payroll dollars and an $11 million increase in SEIU dues.

Given our state’s tragically well-deserved reputation for corruption, including the role of ACORN-affiliate SEIU in the Blagojevich scandal, we can’t afford to react slowly and foster the impression that Illinois will go on with corruption as usual in the face of overwhelming evidence that ACORN and it’s affiliates have engaged in nefarious activities.

The Illinois State Board of Elections records shows since it began tracking contributions, SEIU has given over $12 million to Illinois political campaigns, on both sides of the Aisle. This includes the monies to disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich, and $30,750 to current Governor Patrick Quinn who not so surprisingly just authorized SEIU, thru an executive order, to unionize Home based service workers and received SEIU’s endorsement for his bid to be elected our next governor…does this sound strangely familiar???.

Because of this continuing cycle of corruption, AFP-IL decided to launch our effort to put pressure on Governor Quinn to call for a real investigation into ACORN and its affiliates like SEIU. We want to know where our tax dollars are going and we want to put an end to the undue influences and unscrupulous behavior of special interest groups like ACORN and SEIU.

Please, sign the petition to Governor Quinn at and urge him to call for an investigation into ACORN and SEIU here in Illinois. Your help is the key to this and future efforts towards ending the culture of corruption in our great state.

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