Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aiham Alsammarae's story revised in Wikipedia

Someone's been at work revising Dr Alsammarae's story in Wikipedia with nary a word about Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich, or Mr Auchi; or what in the world Dr. Alsammarae was doing at the dinner at the Four Seasons (where the Mayor recently held the violence summit too - popular spot for Obama democrats I guess). Prelude to a comeback of some sorts?

شخص ما في مكان العمل تم تنقيح الدكتور السامرائي في القصة في ويكيبيديا ناري مع كلمة واحدة عن توني رزكو ، رود بلاغوجيفيتش ، أو السيد اوجي ؛ أو ما في العالم الدكتور السامرائي كان يفعل في مأدبة عشاء في فندق فور سيزونز (حيث قام عمدة الذي عقد مؤخرا في قمة العنف أيضا -- بقعة الشعبي لأوباما الديموقراطيين على ما أظن). تمهيدا لعودة بعض أنواع؟

الدكتور السامرائي

أعطني الكلمة. اسمحوا لي ان احصل على القصة. انا رجل عادل ومتوازن.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really interesting with the cooperation of Lon Monk, Harris and Rezko...Will the Companion Security deal ever come to light???What's with the feds ignoring it??? Could it be that Obama was some how involved? When he was asked about Alsammarae escape from the "green zone" he said he didn't write a letter and he didn't know if someone from his staff did or not...the press was satisfied with his answer. Not me. They (Blago & Obama) all claimed they didn't know Rezko was Frawley's partner, what a joke!!! I suspect this is the reason Fitz was never fired, Obama knows he knows and as long as Fitz doesn't pursue this case he can keep his job.