Saturday, September 05, 2009

What does an Energy Czar do?

A comment from Eyes Open over at RBO.
Shelving the minor details of communist sympathizer and 911 Truth pusher for one moment, does Van Jones have any qualifications for holding a position that creates jobs, any qualifications that he is an environmental expert? I’m sort of stuck on stupid that this guy is actually working as a Green Jobs Czar. Perhaps building the plan for Obama’s civilian army, this is more in line with Jones vision.
Unemployment at 9.7% today. Doesn’t seem like there are many blue, white or green jobs created. We could be paying for a communist to build a civilian army with tax dollars, wow do I feel foolish. Wonder if they’ll let American’s get so desperate, the only option many will have for employment is some facet of Barry chanting and order taking.
Sort of a Green Version of the Chicago Machine's Hispanic Democratic Organization. Via the Chicagoist,
The joke about the Hispanic Democratic Organization is that it is neither Hispanic nor Democratic, but it is one helluva Organization. State campaign finance filings show the organization spent $81,675.26 during the 2004 general election, and retains $343,975.75 in its coffers. HDO also shares an address with Victor Reyes, Mayor Richard M. Daley's one-time Director of Intragovernmental Affairs. Today Reyes runs HDO.

The power of HDO has three legs -- money for campaigns, people to help campaigns on Election Day, and city jobs for those people who work for HDO on Election Day. The operatives and beneficiaries of HDO have skin of all color -- black, white, and brown. Everything HDO does -- influence aldermen, state legislators, and even higher officials like State Controller and Congressmen, flows from its ability to sway large numbers of voters on Election Day -- if you can vote, HDO is interested in you. If your campaign is targeted by HDO, literally thousands of people can hit the streets to move voters to the polls in your favor. And, in a pinch, campaign cash can be provided too. Then, when it's all over and HDO has helped get you elected, you're expected to provide a vote here and there in City Council or the General Assembly, and if you have them, provide a job to a campaign worker or two.

A 2002 Chicago Tribune investigation found at least 500 known HDO operatives to hold city jobs. Most likely that's just the tip of the iceberg. HDO workers can be found in county government, state government, the Chicago Park District, Forest Preserve -- anywhere a candidate has been assisted into office by HDO.
Yep, the Green Democratic Organization was Van Jones job I bet.

Like good Communists, come early to every meeting, and stay late.

Neither Green (or Red for that matter) or Democratic but make sure the Organization's interests steamrollered through 'cause those patronage jobs (and contracts) depend on it.

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