Monday, September 07, 2009

United Republican Fund's Conservative Summit - Part 2

Warner Todd Huston writes a pretty good narrative of the whole event: Illinois Conservative Summit, Full Report. He includes links to each candidate's web page.

Dan Berkowitz writes analysis here. (I'm doing a third post on his conclusion). Dan picks up the best joke,
Senator Dillard: I just gave you my Republican credentials as ...the Republican Chairman of this place [DuPage County]... My wife’s Great, Great grandfather nominated Abraham Lincoln for the Presidency, was the eulogizer at his funeral and buried him. So, I think I’m a pretty good Republican. Thank you.

Cisco Cotto: And, then [your wife’s Great, Great grandfather] went and gave a speech for [Stephen] Douglas, right? But, it was in the Primary. [LOL from the crowd].
...and Dan also has Proft's comments on why the top tier from the straw poll were non-office holders,
Proft said the problem with those guys that have been in Springfield for a long time, like Brady and Dillard, is they have a real tough question to answer, which is, “you’ve been in Springfield for 15 years, how is that working out for us.” So, even if they have put up a good fight, “Do the results seem to indicate that they don’t have the punching power for the fight before us.” So, Proft argues that Brady and Dillard’s performance over the last 15 years is responsible for some of the lethargy associated with those two candidacies.
Proft's right, but I just wonder if over the coming months Quinn's amateurism (and the Obama Administration's) isn't going to make voters want professionals. Quinn for all of his time in office still seems the outsider unable to figure out which lever does what in Springfield. Competency may be the big issue next year. Brady, Dillard, Schillerstrom may look different after a few more months of chaos.

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