Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday's Blogging Dan Proft

An Aug 10th interview on Fox. I like the way he packs a message that describes how Illinois works. Illinois's Fixed sums it all up.

Proft on Andy McKenna... very tough.

....and Pat Hickey's prediction on the above
This just might be the GOP's year - Gov. Quinn got the backing of the Cook County Democratic Leadership, an endorsement from the Purple People Eaters of SEIU and is in a pillow fight with Dan Hynes. That should be gravy for the GOP and Dan Proft just might be the guy to keep them focused and keep the GOP from blowing their toes off - as is their wont. Dog! Yo! - make sure that Judy is out grabbing a smoke during the bouts, Dan.

This brawl might end up with Andy McKenna getting the big belt for Governor. I expect to see Dan Proft holding up Andy McKenna's arm with one hand and swinging the other one like a saloon door on payday in the role of Lt. Governor. This will be Dempsey v.Tunney *1926 all over.

Dan Proft will propbably come over to my 'Hood and flatten my tires for saying that: I would expect no less from a guy who is in the race to win. Andy, Proft can do the hard hitting.
I don't Pat, it's gonna be hard to put the paste back in the tube with what Proft's saying.

Thoughts of a Regular Guy on meeting Proft


Pat Hickey again from the CBO in response to Rich Miller's comments on Proft.
From what I can tell Dan Proft has thus far offered this campaign season and the voters of Illinois the only clearly defined positions on issues that most affect the voters. In particular, Dan Proft is the only genuine Education Reformer in the entire pool. If Proft is the shark that Rich Miller presents him to be, Dan Proft – bon appétit! Mr. Proft, you are swimming with minnows.

Rich Miller’s column seemed to dump toxins into the placid political waters of the Governor’s race like he was Crestwood Village Trustee. The minnows would be immune to Miller’s beverage as the poisons seem dumped only to toxify Dan. Don’t seem fair none. So, I decided to ask Dan Proft what he thought of the piece and don’t you know . . . I got me an honest and straightforward answer.
Dan wrote back,
Even though The Capitol Fax Blog’s Rich Miller and I disagree on a wide range of policy matters, I am an avid reader of CapFax because Rich understands state government and state politics and he puts the work in to give value to his readers.

In his column today he wrote that I “love the hatchet” when it comes to the rough-and-tumble of the Illinois political arena. I’m not going to pretend great insult or injury — that would require a range of human emotion I do not possess.

However, it would be more accurate to say that, while I don’t love the hatchet, I’m willing to use it when necessary. And that’s more than I can say for my opponents in this race.

Families and businesses are fleeing this state like it is on fire; children in failing school systems are condemned to a life of second-class citizenship; and, despite being broke, the politicians in Springfield continue to borrow against tomorrow to pay for yesterday.

The Chicago 9 are indifferent if not outright hostile to these problems. They concentrate on the further enrichment of their political base, while my Republican opponents quibble over their respective short-sighted ways to finance the status quo.

While I do not consider the advancement of conservative system change ideas such as my “Universal Clout Program for Education” for K-12 children from low income families as appropriate fodder for Rich’s hatchet metaphor, I’ll accept it anyway.

Yes, I’m angry and frustrated about the deterioration of life and government in Illinois, and you can be sure that getting us back on track will require a variety of tools, including, from time to time, a hatchet.

The situation in our state is dire and we must recognize our problems with honesty, discuss them with candor, offer up constructive, conservative reforms and put in the fight that is required to advance them.

I am the only candidate in this race who seems willing to do all of the above. I am the only candidate who will name the names of those responsible and the only one who is taking the fight to the Chicago 9. I will make them defend systems they don’t want to defend.

And if there is agreement as to my assessment of the situation, why are my opponents not as angry and as committed to the fight as I am? Why do they timidly enter this arena unarmed?

If I’m in a fight with Mike Madigan, I’m bringing at least a hatchet. He’s not going to carve me up without a fight. It’s both unfortunate and instructive that my opponents don’t feel the same way.

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