Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kane County Video Poker - Let the Good Times Roll

A little late but better than never, tonight at the Kane County center,
Meeting attendees raise their hands in support of legalizing video gambling machines during a public hearing conducted by the Kane County Video Gaming Task Force at the Kane County Government Center in Geneva on Tuesday morning. The task force will hold another public hearing at 7 p.m. Wednesday (TONIGHT).

Thanks to our state lawmakers, Illinois has a new gambling law which allows video gambling machines in local establishments where liquor is served. In other words, we will soon have mini-casinos in neighborhoods throughout Illinois -- at our favorite family restaurants (Applebee's, Portillo's, Pizza Hut, etc), banquet halls, bowling alleys, truck stops and corner taverns.

In response to this anti-family legislation, the DuPage County Board voted unanimously last month to pass legislation banning video poker in unincorporated areas of the county. Dozens of other local municipalities are considering similar legislation to ban video gambling machines in their communities.

Take ACTION: The Kane County Video Gaming Task Force will conduct a second public hearing tongith at the Kane County Government Center. The meeting will be in the County Board room, 719 S. Batavia Ave., Building A, Geneva. at 7 PM tonight

The purpose of the hearings is to allow comments from Kane County liquor licensees, Kane County social service organizations, the general public and all other interested parties on the recent state legislation that permits video gambling devices in establishments having liquor licenses.

Register to speak by contacting the Kane County Board office at 630-232-5936. Remarks are limited to five minutes.

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