Sunday, September 20, 2009

John Laesch: Linda Healy backed by Mike Madigan to challenge Kay Hatcher

John writes over at Progressive Fox,
Calls started going out 2-3 days ago to Democratic activists in Kane and Kendall counties to notify them that Democratic Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan had chosen to support Linda Healy to run against Kay Hatcher for State Representative from the 50th District.

Linda Healy is the former director of Mutual Ground, a local shelter for abused women and men. In my opinion, Healy is an excellent pick to challenge Kay Hatcher who voted against funding for Mutual Ground earlier this year when Hatcher voted “no” for a fully-funded budget.

To learn more about Linda Healy or donate to Mutual Ground, follow this link. (PDF File)
The Madigans see a tough 2010 for Democrats but savvy enough to spot the chinks and get behind a candidate who's just had her former organization make a pitch for funds in liberal Churches throughout the valley. She's got a base and as John notes a divided GOP in southern Kane.

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