Sunday, September 13, 2009

For Peace Makers: Chavez: American Empire must be wiped off the map

Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi translates from Farsi this,
Khomeinist regime-run newspaper Rehsaalat reports: Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela speaking in Moscow on the subject of "friendship between our two nations" emphasized the need to free the world of American domination. According to the Bolivarian news agency of Venezuela, Chavez who travelled to Russia last week, reiterated that now more than ever people are becoming aware of the need to free the world of American sovereignty. Chavez who spoke at the Friendship University of Russia, in Moscow assured that the American "Empire" will be wiped off the planet during the current century. He added: "If the United States does not collapse, humanity will and therefore a choice must be made. Most of the countries of the world are allied empires which devour people; now a new unity has developed among countries that is to their advantage. If we do not destroy the political, economic, military rule that Imperialism wishes to impose on the world, we will slip into barbarism. Russia has risen to this occasion and things must continue as such."
Translated from Farsi by yours truly with original link:
I think Chavez means it. Dismiss him as a buffoon? Maybe, but he's talking in Iran to a regime intent on making nuclear weapons.

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